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Not the Literature Festival

September 30, 2011

Apart from David Vann (whom I’m greatly looking forward to seeing) and three or four others, the line up for this Year’s Cheltenham Literature Festival is the usual celebrity-obsessed, conservative, culturally-moribund crap. It will delight those who enjoy listening to Jeffrey Archer spinning another yarn, Michael Portillo talking about great railway journeys, and men with double-barrelled surnames talking about cheese. If that’s not your thing then why not come along to my ‘Not the Literature Festival’ event at Waterstone’s. It’s at 4pm on Wednesday 12th October. I’ll be talking about why I still don’t like Virginia Woolf, why all the best writers are anarchists, and why you should never, ever, occupy a 12-year-old girl’s slumber party. The event is free, everybody’s welcome, and it’s definitely not the Literature Festival.


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