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January 18, 2012

DDjohnston2compressedD.D. Johnston is the author of three novels. He lives in Cheltenham and works at the University of Gloucestershire, where he is a University Teaching Fellow and a senior lecturer in Creative Writing.

Cover for the Spanish Edition of Peace, Love & Petrol Bombs

Cover for the Spanish Edition of Peace, Love & Petrol Bombs

His first novel, Peace, Love, & Petrol Bombs, featured in The Sunday Herald’s Books of the Year for 2011, as a choice of Helen Fitzgerald. Popmatters wrote, “this genial, engaging, yet serious search for meaning in a commodified global culture deserves wide acclaim” (John L. Murphy). Peace, love, & Petrol Bombs has been recorded as an audio book for, and is published in Spanish as Paz, amor y cócteles molotov (Hoja de Lata, 2013; translated by Raquel Duato García).

Thrub coverHis second novel, The Deconstruction of Professor Thrub (Barbican Press, 2013) , made the judges’ longlist for the Goldsmith’s Prize and was a 2013 book of the year in The Morning Star, where it was described as “determinedly extraordinary”. The Warwick Review called it “an ambitious, erudite work with a profound interest in the world as we find it.”

Secret Baby Room coverHis third novel, The Secret Baby Room, is a page-turning mystery suspense thriller. It was a 2015 book of the year in both The Morning Star and Northern Soul, where it was described as:

the unputtable-downable type of book, the one where you are loathe to finish, loathe to leave those characters behind, disappointed that reaching the last page means you have to leave their world and go back to your own.

online writing tips logo white croppedD.D. Johnston also writes a bit of short fiction, and you can read one of his stories, ‘The Invitation’, online in issue six of the lampeter Review. An earlier version of the story was shortlisted for the Bridport Prize. In his spare time, he runs the writing advice website

Links are also available to online interviews with the author, essays by the author, and – in a nod to social media culture – pointless lists of stuff the author likes. Thanks for reading and please see below for latest news, events, and ramblings, or follow him on Twitter.

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