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Doctored Books audio discussions

July 3, 2013

Martin Goodman and I, the first two authors in Barbican Press’s Doctored Books series, have been spreading the word about ‘writing from the discomfort zone.’ Due to be published next month, our two books – Ectopia and The Deconstruction of Professor Thrub – are examples of the challenging, edgy, reckless fiction that publishers too often shy away from, but on Saturday afternoon I was in a different sort of discomfort zone: shuffling nervously into the Marylebone studios of Monocle Radio. We discussed Barbican Press, the future of the novel, and the state of British fiction. Fortunately, presenter Georgina Godwin had enjoyed The Deconstruction of Professor Thrub – she said ‘it’s a great book and very, very funny’ – and with her help I stammered through the interview, avoiding major embarrassment.

Ectopia coverThe next day we were joined by Martin Randall at Imperial College, where we discussed The Deconstruction of Professor Thrub‘s journey from PhD pitch to published novel. Given the event started at 9am on a Sunday, it was an achievement just to be there. On Saturday night, Randall and I stayed up late in our budget hotel, drinking from a carton of wine, and playing poker using sugar sachets as betting chips; we were so worried about over-sleeping that we arrived at the venue before eight o’clock. Given our total lack of preparation, we thought it went OK. But judge for yourself: the whole discussion’s now available as a podcast.

BBC3LogoYesterday, it was Ectopia‘s turn. Martin Goodman was on Radio 3’s Nightwaves, with Nature editor Henry Gee – who described Ectopia as ‘a marvelous book’ – and Baroness Susan Greenfield, to discuss Dystopian fiction. The show’s available on iplayer (the section on dystopian fiction kicks in about 12:20).

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