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The Secret Baby Room – a new novel by D.D. Johnston

November 20, 2014

You think you’re ready for children. Your husband says he’s ready for children. The only problem is your new neighbourhood, where children disappear.

Coming soon (we hope!)… The Secret Baby Room is a suspense thriller from D.D. Johnston.

Claire Wilson was in the spare room of her new home, unpacking a box marked ‘miscellaneous,’ when she glanced up and saw the strangest thing. High up in the abandoned tower block that overshadowed their estate, a woman was bottle-feeding a baby.

Why would anyone take a baby into a derelict tower block? And why is her next-door neighbour so determined to delay the block’s demolition? In a Manchester neighbourhood plagued by unexplained tragedies, Claire’s only allies are an eccentric white witch, a wild-child party girl, and a husband with too many secrets. In ten days’ time, the tower block will be reduced to rubble and dust. Do you look the other way or do you dare to push open the door?

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