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Whiteway Colony History Festival

May 26, 2017
Blair Johnston Freedom

With Richard Blair outside ‘Freedom’

This weekend I got to visit Whiteway Colony in the Cotswolds, which was founded in 1898 as a Tolstoyan commune. I had the pleasure of interviewing Richard Blair, son of George Orwell, who stayed at Whiteway as a child while his dad was ill with tuberculosis. He was looked after by the great Lillian Wolfe, and Richard and I are pictured here outside the house in which he stayed. You can listen to the interview here.

Johnston Blair McEwan

With Richard Blair & Ian McEwan

Then I had a chance to discuss my research for a non-fiction project on European history, and some of the amazing people who have lived at or visited Whiteway, including Prince Kropotkin, Captain Jack White, Kleber Claux, and Gandhi. It’s a fascinating corner of the world, and it was a treat to get to speak in the historic Colony Hall.

Speaking at Whiteway

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